May 23, 2012

What Sold in Wallingford Last Month?

Wallingford Bungalow 

In the last 30 days, 17 single-family properties sold in Wallingford, from a 518 square foot condo which sold for $6,000 over the listing price, to a houseboat that sold for asking price at $255,000, all the way to a 3,100 square foot 1919 Craftsman that sold for slightly less than list, at $810,000, from $825,000.  But the very interesting thing in looking at this neighborhood snapshot is that so many of the properties went for over the listed price.  Just more evidence for what all the Seattle Real Estate Brokers I know are talking about, the market has turned, it's a fast competitive market with considerable multiple offer situations, and prices are inching upwards slightly.  Good news or bad?  Good if you are ready to buy now, good if you need to sell, not so great if your strategy is to wait another year, although we keep hearing that interest rates are not predicted to rise very soon.  How many homes sold in the same period last year?  What are the median prices this year compared to last?  It's a rather small sample but worth a look:

This year:  17 sold, from $150,000 to $810,000 with a median price of $560,000, an average of 41 days on market. 8 of them sold for at or above list price.
Last year same time period: 10 sold, from $200,000 to $675,000 with a median price of $497,000 and an average of 78 days on market. 5 sold at or above list.

Here is the CMA sheet for the last 30 days in Wallingford:

Solds Last 30 Days in Wallingford


What's available for sale in Wallingford right now?  There are 15 listings (not counting mutlti-family etc.) 


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