March 9, 2010

Now You're a Seattle Mama, Read Me!

 # 9  from a series "Best Books About Seattle" by Edy Kizaki, Team Leader, eXp Realty Seattle

If you have children and you're planning a move to Seattle, you must must must get hold of The Seattle Mama's Handbook, preferably yesterday.  This big fat guide to being the best Seattle Mom you can possibly be is a lifesaver when you are first in the area, but the value never really diminishes.  In all 23 information-packed chapters the intrepid Julianne Rowley shares her bountiful knowledge and carefully researched data to cover every aspect of Seattle Area childhood.

Coming to a new place on one's own or as a couple can be fun, an adventure, enlivening and an exciting roller coaster ride of new environments, people, and experiences.  But when your little ones are involved, the naturally protective conservative parenting can kick in and every possible misstep will dance before your eyes.  Unknown place, all the connections yet to be made, I've been there myself!  In fact, one French mama waiting in Europe for her husband (here to scout out their home before she brought the children over) was so concerned that I handed her husband my own copy of The Seattle Mama's Handbook (yes, the one my new neighboor had given me from Cosco!) to take back & give her.  She was so happy to have it and it certainly eased her way into the Seattle Mama persona, but I had a hard time finding another when I needed it, until I discovered that they are available on, and even at a discount or used. 

It's set up like a resource with entries and chapters for Everything.  Whether it's a trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival or a listing of all the local libraries, this is your comprehensive friend!

Let's share resources, if you find out about something that's not in the book (does happen frequently) please share it here and we can all exchange information and Seattle Mama thoughts and plans!

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