March 3, 2010

Newcomer's Handbook Essential Relocation Resource

# 2 from a series "Best Books About Seattle" by Edy Kizaki, Team Leader, eXp Realty Seattle

OK, it might sound trite, but if you are only going to read one book before you get here, this should be it.  Not that I think you will necessarily read it cover to cover, but even that would not be too much.  I think doing so with the neighborhood and area discriptions will for sure pay off when you are trying to decide between several options without the benefits of having yet lived here.  Usually when I am working with someone who's relocating we talk about what's important to them in an area, and where their job will be located.  Wanting a certain kind of area will trigger a lot of discussion about the characteristics of, say, Woodinville vs. Kirkland or Monroe.  Or we might talk about what you can get in your price range in Queen Anne vs. Magnolia vs. Ravenna.  Or which school district would be better for your children's profile.  Then of course it's important to get out and look in several areas so that you get an experiential sense of the feel of the place.  But reading this book will take all that a step farther and fill in a lot of blanks.

For example, it has a list of all the publications, the main ones and the little ones by area.  It talks about the pet laws.  It provides sections on cultural life in each area, volunteering, lakes and parkways, child care, apartment and house hunting, and so much more that I'm just tempted to say it deals with "everything."

Best of all, it's an easy read, and for me it always seems as gripping as the newest novel.  For example here's a little description of Madison Park:  "One of a kind restaurants and cafes, fashionable boutiques, and fragrant bakeries offering scroumptious goodies line East Madison Street, Madison Park's main thoroughfare...near the east end of East Madison Street Colonial and Northwest Modern homes intermingle with more modest Cape Cods, reminicent of the beach cottages that once lined the shore in early Madison Park."

You may want to check out the section on the city's Farmer's Markets, Concert Venues, or Schools, but it will also give you a rundown on Taxes, Online Providers, and really everything you want to know!  A recent look at what's available on showed you could get the '07 edition used for about $8.50 or new for about $16 (it lists at about $25), or the '03 version for as little as 1 cent (I guess that means $4 when you add shipping).

Yes, we're also proud of Amazon, one of our local businesses that seems to have helped change the face of the future!  Also a major employer here (a friend of mine works there and reports they are pretty enlightened) they are a major player on the Seattle scene.


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