Feb. 21, 2011

It's Been A Cold Winter Around The Seattle Area - What Will An Energy Audit Do For You?

What will an energy audit do for me? This is a question I am asked often. We are once again experiencing some very cold days and nights around the greater Seattle area. There isn't a better time to find out if money is literally flying out of your home.

An energy audit helps the homeowner with home energy efficiency and comfort issues. It will help identify opportunities to lower utility costs through various measures, like air sealing, insulation, education on energy usage habits and other proven methods. A home energy assessment, also known as a home energy audit, is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient. An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time.

During the assessment, you can pinpoint where your house is losing energy. Energy assessments also determine the efficiency of your home's heating and cooling systems. An assessment may also show you ways to conserve hot water and electricity. You can perform a simple energy assessment yourself, or have a professional energy auditor carry out a more thorough assessment. I recommend that you hire a professional to get the most in-depth assessment.

Here is a great video showing what an auditor will do:


Within a few days of the audit, the homeowner will receive a report discussing the results and suggestions for improvement. This includes a list of recommendations, including simple, low-cost actions you can take to start saving right away and perhaps larger home improvements that will do even more to improve comfort and reduce home energy costs.

Here is a wonderful resource to help one prepare for an audit and select a home auditor: Energy Savers

And if you feel really confident and want to do your own assessment, check out this great Do-It-Yourself resource

An added bonus for homeowners trying to sell their homes: What a great selling feature to be able to say that you have had an assessment, provide the written assessment and then show how you have made the home more energy efficient. Another way to set your home apart from all of the competition and your buyers will love it!

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