Jan. 9, 2011

Fishermen's Terminal Interlude

On a chilly, drizzly January afternoon Seattle is definitely in winter mode.  And one place to really experience both the chill and the thrill of the Northwest is Fishermen's Terminal on the skirts of Magnolia, opposite Ballard and bobbing with the real thing, old fishing boats and their modern cousins.  Long the center of Seattle's fishing operations, Fisherman's Terminal used to be more like a wharf - in fact there was a restaurant there called the Wharf - but it has undergone a renovation in recent years and is now a quiet, tempting, very Seattle destination.  With Chinooks, a seafood restaurant for those who want the traditional white tablecloth service, Little Chinooks, a fish-and-chips bar for those dropping by, Wild Salmon Seafood Market, a great fresh fish stop, as well as a little grocery, mailing store, and the Fisherman's memorial, Afishionado, a gallery that features "mostly local" artists with a water theme, it's just the right amount of wander on a day like today, ending with a bowl of clam chowder or a fresh boiled crab wrapped in paper to take home to the crowd.  Plentiful free parking and a dreamy stroll by the dock looking at all the boats (my favorite today was a grand old dame named "Joy"), you'll be glad you stopped by.

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