Sept. 15, 2012

Chihuly's Garden and Glass

  Chihuly's Garden and Glass-A magnificent way to spend an evening!

One of the most interesting places to go in Seattle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass at the Seattle Center.  The glass artwork that is contained in several rooms and and outside garden is amazing.   The picture on the left is an indoor garden that is much more brilliant in person.  A friend and I strolled through the exhibits several times listening to the music and seeing what a very creative mind can do.

There's even glass creations in the ceiling of one room.  It's like looking up from the bottom of an aquarium and seeing the interesting creatures above you.  Of course, it is all glass but the interpretive art is amazing.  One of the interesting parts of going to Chihuly's Garden and Glass is that they only let so many people in at a time.  If you just show up and they have enough people in the exhibit, you won't be able to get in for at least 20 minutes.  We had purchased our tickets on line at their website but even then if you're late by more than 20 minutes, you are not guaranteed to get in.  There's a hint in a picture below that gives you an idea of where to park.

And here is the clue, do you see the Space Needle through the ceiling?  If you park near the Space Needle, you'll be right by Chihuly's Garden and Glass.  Unfortunately, my outside pictures don't do justice to the brilliance of the glass work so you'll have to experience it yourself.  This is a great way to spend an evening but I bet during a sunny day, it will be just a interesting and amazing.

Have fun in Seattle!

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