Historic Snohomish

Oct. 20, 2010

Choice Turf Driving Range cradles Sky Divers and Small Planes

[caption id="attachment_4113" align="alignleft" width="300" caption=""One of my Favorite Things""][/caption]

Oh to be spontaneous!!  My husband and I went pumpkin picking at Craven Farm over the weekend in a treasured NW community - Snohomish - and on our drive back to Seattle passed by Choice Turf Driving ...

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May 12, 2010

Grilla Bites in Historic Snohomish

[caption id="attachment_3378" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="Snohomish organic juice bar and bakery"][/caption]

An organic bakery and juice company with pizzaz!  Located very centrally amidst the antique shops and restaurants of the downtown historic district of Snohomish, Grilla Bites is the lovingly tended garden of Annie Dottai ...

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May 10, 2010

Snohomish Pie Company

[caption id="attachment_3370" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="Apples and berries, fresh, fresh, fresh."][/caption]

There is a pie shop.  Pie Company.  In Historic Old Snohomish.  Fresh apple, fresh berry, fresh, fresh, fresh. There should be a song about it, in fact maybe there is, but I ...

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May 9, 2010

Snohomish Old Town Window Shopping

Historic Downtown Snohomish is known as the Antique Capitol of the Northwest.  In fact there are hundreds of antique shops in the historic district!  Not to mention a wonderful pie bakery which I'll blog about next time.  For today I wanted to take you on a ...

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