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Aug. 20, 2012

Start Your Own Small Scale Geoduck Farm on Puget Sound

Geoduck Field Guide

Geoduck Farming on Puget Sound

In looking around Puget Sound for waterfront vacation properties with a client (we ultimately found a good deal on a fixer, estate sale in Port Orchard), I learned about the earning potential of creating a small scale geoduck farm and using the proceeds to completely ...

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Feb. 29, 2012

Cap Rates Revisited

Cap Rates Revisited-Even Some Realtors Don't Understand them!

One of the biggest problems with some realtors, commercial and residential, is that they make an attempt to utilize a Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) to market a property without really understanding what they are.  After reading a listing that honestly ...

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May 12, 2011

Investor 201: Buying Multi-Family Complexes

Interested in Multi-family Complexes?

There are many people that like the thought of owing large multi-family complexes.  These complexes have five or more units in them which in some minds, spreads out the risk of owning them.  In other minds, it compounds the risk as there are more ...

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May 11, 2011

Investor 201: Buying a Motel

Thinking about buying a Motel?

For several years, I've watched many people take stabs at buying Motels and wondering if they know what to look for.  Most investors will look at the gross revenues, bottom line and some of the normal statistics like vacancy rate but don't ...

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April 28, 2011

Are Banks Really to Blame?

Who's to blame for the housing decline?

Recently there has been more commentaries on who's to blame for the housing decline and subsequent recovery.  If there is a blame it is way too easy to make the banks the fall guys.  Now "banks" is really a ...

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Aug. 31, 2010

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ~ Future Headquarters Site

Did you know that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation currently has offices in 5 parts of the world?  Headquarters:  Seattle, WA;  East Coast Office: Washington, D.C.;  Avahan Initiative: Delhi, India;  China Office:  Beijing, China;  Europe Office:  London, United Kingdom.

This ...

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Dec. 27, 2009

Investor 101: Putting it All Together

Putting the Basic Factors Together

Sorry it's been so long since the discussion about debt service coverage ratios, but it's now time for the next part. In determining how you evaluate potential commercial projects/acquisitions, there are many factors including but not limited to: the capitalization rate aka ...

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Aug. 21, 2009

Investor 101: What is a Debt Service Coverage Ratio?

Why do I need to know about the Debt Service Coverage Ratio?

In the course of purchasing commercial property or large multi-family properties, investors will run into the "Debt Service Coverage Ratio" (DSCR) and wonder what exactly does it do and why is it so important to the lending institutions ...

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July 12, 2009

What is a "Cap Rate" and What Does It Mean to Me? Investor 101 Series

Facts and Fiction about "CAP" rates.

Since initially writing this blog, there has been many new articles by many authors about the definition of "Cap Rates" and what they mean.  Most of the articles are pure definitions that most people have difficulty understanding how it may affect them.  ...

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