Sept. 17, 2012

An Afternoon of Dining and Shopping in Lakewood's Koreatown on South Tacoma Way

Korean Tofu Soup, Bibimbap, and side dishes

Dining and Shopping at Lakewood's Koreatown

My wife and I enjoyed a recent afternoon at what has become known as Lakewood's Koreatown (officially: the International Business District).  Koreatown is a collection of 200+ business along South Tacoma Way between approximately 84th and 96th Streets.  Two grocery stores, Pal-Do World Market and Boo Han Market, and the large Shin Shin variety store anchor the shopping district.  Pal-Do World had a couple interesting sights I photographed: a beautiful European style bakery and a tank of live (ugly) flatfish from Korea for $69.99 each.  The flatfish looked like they have two ounces of meat on them at most - I didn't see the attraction.

Many fine Korean restaurants abound in the area.  For our lunch, we chose Cho Dang Tofu (see review on, around the corner from Pal-Do World.  What we knew of Korean cuisine is Kim Chi and barbecued meats.  Cho Dang offered a specialty new to us: tofu soup.  They offered about a dozen varieties of tofu soup.  They were out of oysters, so I tried the dumpling tofu soup.  The soup came out piping hot - still cooking really - in a miniature metal cauldron.  Elizabeth ordered Bebimbap, another signature Korean dish of rice topped with vegetables, chilis, and meat or egg.  The waitress brought us also a fried fish each and another half dozen side dishes.

After lunch, I dutifully tagged along, while Elizabeth shopped to her heart's content.  We visited a linen store with beautiful bedding and authentic Korean silk dresses.  We ended at Shin Shin, a big housewares and variety store.  Elizabeth likes to look at every little thing in a store like this, so I had a good hour nap out in the car.




Pal-Do World Market in Lakewood 

European style bakery at Pal-Do World  

Cho Dang Tofu Restaurant 

Korean silk dresses 

Expensive flatfish 


Cute frog humidifier 


Kim Chi

Shin Shin variety store

Elizabeth buys a hat 

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